Informacije o članstvu i saradnji sa EFRS

Nakon upita koji je upućen EFRS-u (European Federation of Radiographer Societies) na našu adresu su stigli odgovori koji mogu biti pokazatelj našim sadašnjim i budućim članovima koji su to benefiti članstva u Udruženje inžinjera radiologije u FBiH (UIMR), a putem našeg Udruženja pristup korisnim informacijama i publikacijama u EFRS-u.

U nastavku možete pročitati odgovore koje smo dobili od Dorien Pronk-Larive, CEO EFRS.

– What are our obligations as members of EFRS?

          Attached you find the EFRS Internal Rules. The responsibilities and rights of the member organisations are described in the art. 1.4 and 1.5 .

Responsibilities Each member organisation shall:

a. share the values and beliefs of the EFRS;

b. accept and abide by the EFRS Constitution, Internal Rules and Code of Ethics;

c. work towards the EFRS objectives;

d. actively engage in EFRS meetings, activities and projects;

e. be willing to cooperate with other organisations;

f. support the objectives of the EFRS within their own organisation;

g. communicate ongoing EFRS activities and outputs with their members, staff and students;

h. publish the activities of the EFRS in their journal and website.

1.5 Rights

1.5.1 Each full member society:

a. has one vote in the General Assembly;

b. has the right to appoint two representatives in the General Assembly;

c. has the right to attend the Educational Wing Annual Meeting with one observer;

d. has the right to nominate and elect candidates for EFRS financial and election committees and to nominate candidates for the expert committees, project- or working groups;

e. receives all the EFRS information;

f. has the opportunity to take part in all EFRS activities.

– What are our benefits as member of EFRS, and how we can use them?

The biggest benefit is that through your EFRS membership your society is member of the “Radiographer family” in Europe. The EFRS works for you at the European level with other so called umbrella organisations to make the profession known, to be at important tables to negotiate for the profession, to be involved in all kind of European committee projects. Also, together with our educational wing, we produce a number of policy documents which you can use at your national level. (www.efrs.eu documents). I attach the presentation about our European contacts from the last AGM.

Also we are charged with the design of the radiographer programme in Vienna every year as part of the European Congress of Radiology – ECR

More specifically for your society members we created the possibility of 50% reduction in the subscription to the Radiography Journal.

– How we can actively involve in work of EFRS?

Regularly we send out calls for candidate nomination  for our expert network and of course you can attend the Annual General Meeting (2018 in Germany) and our meetings during ECR. (see www.efrs.eu – upcoming events), also we expect you to inform your members about (European) developments with regard to the profession

– How our members can use service of Radiography research network, and get access for login to RRN?

          Your society has administrative power to add your member researchers to the EFRS Radiography Research Network. You find the manual attached.

– How we can get access for radiography journal?

          I attach the brochure for you. For the 50% reduction the applicants have to prove that they are member of your society

– How our members can publish their scientific and professional papers, in radiography journal and if there is need for pay for publishing is there any discount for members of our national society?

See the attached flyer. Acceptation of articles is the responsibility of their scientific committee. As far as I know you do not have to pay for publication.

– Is there any program for involving Faculty of Health studies of Sarajevo University, and other institutions which are responsible for education of radiology engineers, and if there is how we can evolve them, especially students of radiology techniques?

          We would be very glad to welcome your educational institutions as affiliate member in our educational wing. Have a look at www.efrs.eu – EFRS educational wing

– Is there any programs for continuous education for our society members?

          We are now screening all ECR e-learning material for suitability for radiographers. Soon all this will be all available on line