Otvorena registracija za godišnji sastanak Edukacijskog odjela EFRS-a

U nastavku možete pročitati pismo koje je stiglo na adresu Udruženja u vezi sa otvorenom registracijom za sastanak edukacijskog odjela EFRS-a: Seminari i studentska sesija.

The EFRS Educational wing Management Team herewith invites you to attend the 9th Educational Wing Annual Meeting, Seminar and student session 2018.
On line registration is now open at – upcoming events.
Documents related to the Annual Meeting are available in the member area of the web site.
There is no registration fee charged for the Annual Meeting or Seminars, but you have to be fully registered as ECR participant to have access to the EFRS meeting rooms (2.83 Level 2).
Call for nominations (for the EFRS Educational Institutions only):
In the EFRS AGM last November the proposal to extend the Educational Wing Management Team with one person was approved and therefore we invite you to send your nominations (name and CV) to until the 26th of January.
You find all information about the EW procedure and the tasks of the Management Team in the attached EFRS Internal Rules, article 2.2.
We hope to welcome many of you in Vienna!

EFRS EW Annual Meeting agenda

EFRS EW seminar programme 2018

EFRS EW student session programme

EFRS Internal Rules