ESMIT jesenja škola u Srbiji

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of European School of Multimodality and Therapy (ESMIT) and the EANM Technologist Committee, I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming Technologists Track that will be held during the ESMIT Autumn School in Serbia from September 8-9, 2018.

This Track is aiming at Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Radiographers and Clinical Scientists interested in technical nuclear medicine.

The programme of the Technologists Track includes a one and a half day of high end education activities, specially focused in practical “hands on” and case review modules. All modules are embedded with a major component of interactivity. Additionally, we would like to say that the whole track will be held in local language (Serbian).

Continuous education is a fundamental tool for technologists, radiographers and clinical scientists and the ESMIT Track for Technologists presents the perfect opportunity to exchange practices and experiences amongst European practitioners, and also aiming for an in-depth discussion on the selected topics offered during the course.

The EANM is not only preparing educational offers in collaboration with the EANM Committees to fulfil the existing needs for continuous education of professionals, but also offers financial support for those that are interested in developing their skills. For more information, please check the ESMIT pages listed below or contact us directly.

ESMIT Autumn School 2018

ESMIT Grants 2018

In this sense, we would like to invite you and your colleagues to register now to the Technologist Track and to spread the word!

Please note that the registration is open until August 17!

With our best regards,

Pedro Fragoso Costa,

EANM Technologist Committee , Chair

Andrea Santos,

EANM Technologist Committee, vice-Chair